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BARBELL CLUB has been all about stability, technique, and positioning lately…….. Are you guy’s ready for some HEAVY LIFTING YET?! Starting next week we will be focusing on the SNATCH & the CLEAN & JERK What’s included…. 1 rep max testing day for both lifts- Thursday 2/4 @6:30pm FREE -8 sessions (4 weeks) to follow •After testing day work will ensue •You will be coached and instructed on the Olympic lifts & will be working off of %’s of your max (from testing day)during each session. IT IS PERTINENT THAT YOU MAKE IT TO TEST! -Classes will be held on THURSDAYS @6:30pm & SATURDAYS @8 am •10$ per class or preregistration $40 covers all 9 sessions! •MOCK LIFTING MEET FOLLOWING PROGRAM! **Dont miss out on this opportunity to IMPROVE YOUR GAME! **PREREGISTRATION WILL BE AT THE DESK! :) #HAPPYLIFTING #SALVATIONNATION

CONGRATS JEREMY!! #Repost @jeremye_85 with @repostapp. ・・・ Had an awesome weekend lifting at @tfvc_weightlifting meet. Here are my 3rd attempts at #snatch and #cleanandjerk 125/145. On my way to the #americanopen in December and getting ready for nationals next year!! Thanks @westbutt for the great photography today! And thanks @jasonwyns and @nwyns for being great teammates!!#chosenweightlifting #weightlifting #lifter #americanmuscle #americanweightlifting #skrong #deat #liftalltheweights

TIME FOR A CLASS TRIP! // November 28-Dec 1// Amicalola Falls Lodge & State Park, GA// -We have reserved 6 cabins (1 bedroom & 2 bedroom available) along the creek for a fun family trip! // -If you are interested in reserving a cabin call 706-265-8888 and let reservations know you are calling for the CROSSFIT RETREAT! You should relieve 10% off // -We plan to hike, cook out, white water raft, and maybe get in a few workouts!

#Repost @stephthehammer with @repostapp. ・・・ You can always find a way to adapt a workout and still hold yourself to a high standard. An athlete walks in the door with an injury, but still wants to do the WOD with the class? Open their eyes to new possibilities. Everyone has athletic potential you just have to be willing to discover it. @CrossFit @crossfitbarracuda #AdaptandConquer #TheHammer #adaptiveCoach #BossLady

#Repost @fnthunderdome with @repostapp. ・・・ #TDome 2015 Affiliate, @crossfitsalvation: The difference? Get more results in less time! At CrossFit Salvation, they train your body in a way that will make everything else you have ever tried seem like a waste of time. You will be in and out in an hour, but you will have worked out not just harder, but smarter. All this in a fun and supportive environment! http://www.crossfitsalvation.com/

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